BRIEF REPORT OF

                                                  DOOR TO DOOR AWARENESS CAMPAIGN

                            Date : 09.11.2018

                         Venue : Falkawn.


Mizoram State Legal Services Authority organized a Door to Door  awareness campaign on the 9th of November,2018 at Falkawn, Mizoram. There is an approximate calculation of around  530 houses in Falkawn.

The team members include: Mr. Vanlalenmawia(Member Secretary), Mrs. Lalramliani(Superintendent), Lalfamkimi(Advocate), Joy Zairemmawia(Brand Ambassador), 24 staffs of the State Legal Services Authority(Main Office) and 2 PLVs.

         The team reached Falkawn around 11:00 a.m and headed directly to the State Referral Hospital to have an open space service. The main objective for conducting this door to door campaign is to create legal awareness among the residents and to let them know their rights and remedies that the law provides for them. Since, Falkawn is located on the outskirts of Aizawl, it was felt that it would be an ideal place to have such a campaign.

                        The team members went from house to house distributing pamphlets that read “Legal Services Authority hi I Bel chiang ve tawh em?”(Have  you inquired the Legal Services Authority?) and “I inchhung khurah I him em?”(Are you safe in your own home?) issued by the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority. In each of the houses the team went, the residents were taught that anyone having legal issues can come to seek help at the “Legal Services Authority Office” or at ”Legal Aid Clinics” opened at various places around the State.

               Most of the people the team encountered did not have legal problems, but they were happy to know that free legal services is available.

                        Overall it was a fruitful day interacting with the residents of Falkawn. The team members  were happy that the locals welcomed us cheerfully and also thankful that they could impart legal knowledge among them.


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