In this Mobile Lok Adalat, 3 Lok Adalat benches were constituted comprising of 1 Judicial Officer who acted as the Presiding Judge, 1 Advocate and 1 Social Worker who acted as the Conciliators in each bench.

Further, 16 Official staff assist this Mobile Lok Adalat benches.


            The Lok Adalat started from 10:00 A.M. and hence, 52 out of 93 cases in connection with Loan Recovery were settled and the settled amount was ` 34,05,198. Moreover, 3 Land Dispute cases were taken up wherein 1 cases was disposed of and 2 cases were kept pending for the next sitting in order to have spot verification. Furthermore, 1 Civil Suit was taken up and settled on the spot including 2 Maintenance cases. The settled amount is ` 1,000@ per month.


            Therefore, all the total cases registered were Pre-litigation stage wherein 55 cases were settled out of 99 cases and the total settled amount was `  34,06,198.  Also, 16 cases were still kept pending for the next Mobile Lok Adalat.


            The Mobile Lok Adalat was closed at around 4:30 P.M. It may also be noted that the Bank Manager of Mizoram Rural Bank, Sairang Branch praised the services rendered by the Member Secretary, Mizoram State Legal Services Authority.


            The expenditure incurred in these Mobile Lok Adalat is also attached