Mega/Mobile Lok Adalat

Date: 30/8/2019

Venue: I&PR Conference Hall, Lunglei

Brief Report:

Mizoram Legal Services Authority organised a Mega (Mobile) Lok Adalat in Lunglei at Information and Public Relations (I&PR) Conference Hall on the 30th August, 2019. Five benches were constituted, the conciliators were as follows:

 Bench-A:        1. Pu Vanlalenmawia - MJS    

                             2. Pu K.V. Tlangmawia - Advocate

  3. Pu. C. Dothanga - Social Worker

Bench-B:       1. Pu T. Saikunga - MJS

            2. Pu V.L. Nghata Keivom - Advocate

            3. Pi Zokaitluangi - Social Worker

Bench-C:       1. Pi Sylvie Z. Ralte - MJS

            2. Pu Saithanga - Advocate

            3. Pu R.K. Thanga - Social Worker

Bench-D:      1. Pi Julie Lalrinzami - MJS

            2. Pu B. Laldinpuia - Advocate

            3. Pu P.C. Sangthuama - Social Worker

Bench-E:       1. Pu Andrew Lalhruaitluanga - MJS

            2. Pu Malsawmdawngliana - Advocate

            3. Pu. H. Lalthansanga - Social Worker

All the cases in this Mega Lok Adalat were petitioned by BSNL. Though about 400 summons were distributed, only 38 cases were registered, out of which 33 cases were settled and 5 pending cases. The settled amount was 1,40,485 (one lakh fourty thousand four eighty five).

In the past, BSNL Lunglei had often tried to use Lok Adalat to recover unpaid bills, but was mostly unsuccessful. The poor turn-up was due to the dissatisfaction of the BSNL customers. They complained that the BSNL service in Lunglei was too poor and hence some customers mutually agreed not to attend the Lok Adalats. This Mega Lok Adalat had been the most successful so far in terms of case registered, case settled and amount settled.