(The real names of the litigants, places & venues is being conceal for

protecting their privileges and dignity)


This is a true story of Smt. Zonuntluangi regarding their problem which she filed a petition at Lok Adalat.

The mentioned petitioner’s husband died few years back leaving behind two siblings. The older one is handicapped who cannot work as a normal person and hence nothing is been expected from him concerning income. However, the younger one is a serving Army whose earning is decent enough. However, after the younger brother got married he had shifted to other local with his wife without the approval of his mother and left behind his old mother and his handicapped brother who then live a hard life worrying for their own being.

The mentioned petitioner once saw a show in television broadcasted by local network regarding Talk Show conducted by the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority wherein she felt that the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority could help them regarding their problems through Lok Adalat. Hence, she rushed to seek remedy to the office of Member Secretary, Mizoram State Legal Services Authority and discussed about her family problem. After being heard by the officials about her problems a petition was filed at Lok Adalat claiming maintenances for herself and for her handicapped son against her younger son.

Since the younger son is an army and does not have time to appear before the Lok Adalat, the conciliators with the co-ordination of the officials take chances to bring the respondent before the Lok Adalat during his official leave.  Once the official was informed about that the younger son of the petitioner is having official leave the case is again brought up before the Lok Adalat.

After having discussed their plea before the conciliators of Lok Adalat, the case is amicably settled and hence, the respondent will sent money as maintenance to his birthright family every month from his monthly income.

All the litigants left the Lok Adalat with tears of joy and further, their family relationship was being restored.