(The real names of the litigants, places & venues is being conceal for

protecting their privileges and dignity)


This is a true story of Smt. Kapzuali regarding their problem which she filed a petition at Lok Adalat.

The mentioned petitioner has three offspring namely Lalrinthangi, Lalkapmawii and Vanlalthara. Lalrinthangi is married and live in separate house with his husband and children while Lalkapmawii, having one son, live with his mother take care the well being of her old mother. At the same time, Vanlalthara, who is already married and thus having adult children, also live along with her mother and sister alongwith his nephew started to act arrogant towards them. Hence, Vanlalthara keep starting to defend his wife welfare inhumanly while beating up his own mother instead. Moreover, Vanlalthara’s wife never spoke to her mother-in-law but instead leave behind a note of every detail of their basic household needs and further, she used to keep the utensils of her mother-in-law out in the doorway. Also, Vanlalthara often start making trouble in the family and sometimes used to chase out his mother and sister alongwith his nephew from the house even at midnight and they used to sleep at the roadside which affected the academic status of his nephew.

The husband of Lalrinthangi having pity towards his mother-in-law took them to his house and start letting them to stay in his basement. The Local Council of that locality having knowledge of the situation took many steps but could not reach settlement between them. However, Smt. Kapzuali thought that it is not consciously right to stay at the basement of his son-in-law since she is already 80 years old and may even pass away one day. So, her utmost desire to stay at her own home and die peacefully.

After having the knowledge of the purposes of the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority through her grandson, she approached the official of this Authority and thus filed a petition regarding her family problem. The case was brought before the Lok Adalat and thus the conciliators of the Lok Adalat after hearing the plea of all the parties finally reached amicably settlement between the parties stating that Shri Vanlalthara will extend the house so that his mother alongwith his sister and nephew could settle comfortable alongwith with them and further, the Local Council will supervise the welfare and harmony of the family and promise to make sure that all the agreement is fully executed or not.

Accepting his default by Shri Vanlalthara, he promised to take care the welfare of his family and left Lok Adalat with tear of love towards his mother.