Brief Report of


 Date : 22.07.2019

Venue : Sakawrdai

Brief Report : 

            The Chairman conducted the campaign and after reading and after reading Bible verse and having short prayer he started the programme and call upon Mr. Darrosanga, Chairman, Sakawrdai Welfare, Aizawl to have introductory speech. Mr. Darrosanga performed at the stage and conducted introduction of participants at the programme. He also had a short speech about the importance and necessity of general legal knowledge and he expressed his personal appreciation of the programme and conveyed his grateful upon the State Legal Services Authority of Mizoram i.e., Sakawrdai

        Speech on Legal Awareness was started at 8:00 PM. There was no pre-selected topic for the awareness; Awareness on Law on Child Sexual Abuses was supposed relevant for the audiences since more number of participants are students and under age from four schools. Hence, Legal topics on Protection of Children from Sexual Offence, Act 2012 (POCSO) was study together point by point. Before the legal topics on POCSO, an introductory speech about Powers and Function of State/District Legal Services Authority under Legal Services Authorities Act was also discussed. It was also highlighted about importance, power and function of People’s Court or Lok Adalat.

             After completing the speech on the legal topics, the Chairman opened question/interaction hour so as any person attending the programme can ask a question issue. Some of recorded question asked by the audience are as under :-

  1. What would the people do if they wanted to open Lok Adalat at the village.
  2. Do the Police have a power to torture when they arrest accused? If they tortured what step should be taken to prevent the accused. How long the police can keep the accused under their custody/lock-up?
  3. What should be done when the villager did not received/not credited his wages on work under NREGS for many years.
  4. What is the legal consequence or what step should be taken when a fair price shop (Retailer) sell with underweight controlled commodities like rice. What is the proper channel to stop the practice and where to file a complaint about the issue.
  5. What would be done when the general shopkeepers sell commodities higher than printed MRPs.

      After completing question/interaction hour, the chairman called upon Mr. Lalremsanga Biate, Chairman, Sakawrdai Joint YMA to deliver his vote of thanks and the Legal Awareness Programme was successfully close.

            About 205 persons attended in this programme.