Brief Report of


Date : 07.11.2019

Venue : Phunchawng


Brief Report :

             The Mizoram State Legal Services Authority in collaboration with MSW, Mizoram University organised Legal Awareness Campaign at Phunchawng on 7th November, 2019. 


                  In the Awareness Campaign, Mrs. Lalramliani, Superintendent, Mizoram State Legal Services Authority was the chairperson and delivered a welcome speech. Ms. Mimi. H. Rosiamliani, Project Coordinator delivered a speech on Mizoram State Legal Services Auhtority.   She also highlighted the services rendered by the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority as well as the District Legal Services Auhtoirty. Mr. Vanlalrova, Vice President, Phunchawng Local Council delivered a short speech. In his speech he appreciated the effort of the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority and MSW, Mizoram University for organising Legal Awareness Campaign at their locality where people are ignorant of their rights and duties. 


              Ms. Lalfamkimi, Advocate gave lecture on Women and Child Rights. The Resource Person stressed out the rights of women and their duties towards their husbands and families. She also stressed out the rights of the children and their duties towards their parents, elders and teachers. As students and teachers also participated, she highlighted the rights and duites of the teachers towards their students. The lecture was followed by questionx and answers. The Programme was wind up by Ms. Gloria Lalruatkimi, 5th Semeste, MSW, Mizoram University


                The programme was attended by Local Council, MHIP, YMA, MUP and various schools within the locality. The number of participants were 170.


                From the feedback received back, it is known that the Phunchawng locality needs more Legal Awareness Campaigns like Cyber Crime, Domestic Vilolence, Rights to Education, Sexual Harassment etc. The participants found the programme very beneficial.