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A Brief Report of the Seminar on Justice Delivery System organised by the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority.


On 28.9.2018, a Seminar on Justice Delivery System was organised by the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority in Auditorium of Aizawl Municipal Corporation (AMC) at Thuampui, Aizawl, Mizoram.  Three representatives each from Local Councils of different localities under Aizawl Minicipal Corporation were invited to participate the Seminar.

The Seminar started at 10:30 A.M. Mr. Vanlalenmawia MJS, Member Secretary of the Mizoram State Legal Services Authority (MSLSA) was the chairman, Justice Songkhupchung  Serto Judge, Gauhati High Court was the Chief Guest and Mr. Lalhmingthanga Mayor AMC was the Guest of Honor in the seminar.

The Chairman started his speech on importance of delivery of justice at the doorstep of the citizens. He advised the Local Council Members to make use of the seminar. Denial and non-attainmnet of rights due to financial incapacity is against the mandate of the Constitution of India. The MSLSA has been taking steps to provide justice to each and every one and always extend helping hands to needy persons irrespective of their religions, sex, financial status etc. Everyone has responsibility towards delivery of justice. He made an appeal to all the Local Council Members for their cooperation.

The Chief Guest paid gratitude to the MSLSA for organising the seminar for  the Local Council Members of Aizawl Municipal Corporation . He stated that justice should start from our heart. Where justice prevails, peace will follow immediately. He added, Aizawl is the face and image of Mizoram. If the members of the Local Council in Aizawl can deliver justice, he strongly believes that Mizoram will progress faster than today, and that Mizoram will be looked upon as model State by the other states.

The Guest of Honour praised the activities of the MSLSA for rendering service to the people of Mizoram. According to him, no one is above the law. He added, the knowledge of law should not be left only to Judges and Advocates, as it is the duty of everyone to know law. Everyone can make mistakes; therefore, we should have understanding to everyone in all possible ways. Understand and forgive our neighbour than to have problems with them is his last message to the participants of the seminar.

The technical session started at 11:30 a.m. Mr. Johny L. Tochhawng interestingly presented a paper on Cyber Crime. He said, the most common and existing Cyber Crime in Mizoram is hurting the feelings and reputation of others by fake account users. The Cyber Crime also include threatening others by the using Mobile Phone, SMS and Whatsapp, sharing and distribution of an obscene image without the permission of the owner, piracy of videos, audios and documentary films and using it for monetary gain, cheating by way of using ATM Card and Bank Account, offering fake and unreliable job opportunities and certain problems in buying and selling of goods through internet. He expressed certain ways to protect and prevent ourselves from such problems.

A topic regarding Victim of Crime Compensation and Lok Adalat was presented by Ms.Rosalyn L. Hmar, Advocate. She said that the prime objective of the Victim of Crime Compensation is to support the victim of a crime or their dependents financially and assist them to set their foot in a proper way. The Scheme includes within its ambit the victim of acid attack, victim of rape, victim of sexual harassment, victim of crime who had lost their limbs, and the dependent of the deceased victim can also seek compensation. She also talked about Lok Adalat and stated that whoever has grievances should know that they can approach the Lok Adalat with free of cost and for speedy disposal of the case.

In the afternoon session Mr. T. Lalnunsiama, Advocate interestingly presented a topic regarding Land law, Mizo marriage, Divorce & Inheritance of Property Act, 2014. He talked about the power, jurisdiction etc of the Village Councils, power and important function of Revenue Department for the purpose of allotment of land for house, agriculture etc. He added that the Mizo marriage, Divorce & Inheritance of Property Act, 2014 applies to any person who belongs to any Mizo tribe and it also applies to marriages where male members of the parties belongs to any Mizo Tribe. As per Chapter – II(Marriage), the marriage price consists of ‘Man pui’ which is not less than Rs. 420/-. Notice of intended marriage is to be given to the Licensed Officer and then the Licensed Officer shall fix the date and place for solemnized under this Act shall be registered under the Mizoram Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, 2007. He also spoke about what amounting to void and voidable marriages, degrees of prohibited relationship. From Chapter – III (Dissolution of Marriage) of this Act, he talked about grounds for dissolution of marriage such as adultery, cruelty, mutual consent etc. Again from Chapter VI(Division of property on divorce), he said that all the movable and immovable properties inherited and acquired, which is not registered in the name of any member of the family are deemed to be the property of the head of that family. He further stated that the right of a waman leaving her husband on sumchhuah, mak also share acquired property.

A topic regarding POCSO Act, 2012 was also been presented by Ms. Lalfamkimi, Advocate. In the Act, “child” means any person below the age of eighteen years. The different forms of sexual abuse and punishment were highlighted by the Resource person. To provide for relief and rehabilitation of the child, there will be immediate arrangement to the child, care and protection, such as, shelter home etc. as soon as complaint is made to the police.

The seminar had been attended by 150 members of the Local Councils from different locality within Aizawl Municipal Area. A successful interaction session alongwith questions and answers sessions were also conducted under the chairmanship of Mr.Vanlalenmawia, MJS, Member Secretary, MSLSA. The attending members of the Local Councils from different areas of Aizawl found the seminar very fruitful and helpful.

All the papers presented by the Resource Persons were distributed to all the participants.

Mr. Joel Joseph Denga, MJS, District & Session Judge-cum-Chairman, District Legal Services Authority, AIzawl Judicial District had extended vote of thanks and concluded the Seminar.

                The MSLSA also provided delicious lunch for each and every persons who attended the said seminar.

We have received worthy feedbacks from the Local Council Members who attended the said Seminar.

Video coverage of this Seminar was done by the Staffs of MSLSA, the said events were extensively broadcasted as a news item by Doordharshan Kendra, Aizawl, All India Radio, Lunglei & Aizawl Station, Zonet Cable Network at Aizawl, LPS cable network at Aizawl.


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